Relocation Services

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On this page, you will find more details about our relocation services for individuals as well as for corporate relocation.

Individual Relocation
We understand the mixed emotions that you go through while relocating to another country. For you or your employees we will do our most to make the relocation to India a successful event. Our wide range of services that are customized according to your needs will help you answer all the questions that you have. You can expect personalized attention for the below mentioned services:

  • Airport transfer
  • City tour
  • Real Estate – for residential needs
  • Assistance in finding a school or a kindergarten, either international or Indian
  • Police registration
  • Providing help in managing the daily life
  • Visa extension

Furthermore Prelocate offers a 3-day pre-assignment tour especially for possible expatriates who haven't decided to go to India yet. With this throughout experience, a decision in favor of or against a stay in India will be easy to make. The package includes amongst other services:

  • City tour
  • Flat viewing
  • School viewing (if necessary)
  • Important information about daily life in Pune
  • General overview over the city and places to go to

Moreover, Prelocate offers a 30-days package which includes all the necessary services that you can utilize for a period of one month. This is how you make your arrival in India easy.

For more information about our services or about the service packages, please contact us.


Corporate Relocation
You plan to start a company in India? We can help you achieve it. We at Prelocate help you in collaboration with our partners in starting up your business in India with ease. Starting with finding you an office space - to the foundation of the company (whether Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd.) - to the registration of your office - to getting a tax accountant: We are your guidance.

In addition to the company/office set up, we take off your load by offering our Payroll service. You hire employees and we pay their salaries until your company can stand on its own feet. We also provide Interim Management Service – we babysit your company while you are away.