Intercultural Training


If a taxi-driver or a rikshaw-driver wiggles his head as shown in the video: Is he going to give you a ride? Or is he refusing to take you with him? It doesn’t matter where you go: Your cultural backpack is always with you. And so someone from Europe might think the driver’s wiggling head looks like a «no». But in India, the movement could mean «yes» or «maybe» or even «no» – the difference is in the detail.

Moving overseas changes everything – the climate, the food, the language and the CULTURE. Since we are a multi-cultural team, we understand both the cultures – the Western as well as the Eastern. Hence we build a bridge between the two and help you overcome the culture shock by conducting Intercultural trainings. Our trainings and workshops will help you to understand the cultural differences and in turn help you cross the cultural boundaries. 

The Cultural Centre offers walk-in intercultural trainings and workshops of all kind. If you don't find what you are looking for in the existing TCC program, we are happy to tailor make the trainings as per your exact needs. The topics generally involve understanding both the cultures, the differences and overcoming the difference in the outer and the business environment.