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Prelocate is a small but personal company based in Pune, Maharashtra. We offer the full range of relocation services and we are happy to help you ease your start in India - or in Europe. Please choose one of our main service-topics:

Relocation Services

Real Estate

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Whatever you want to know about living in India as an Expatriate, we know it. Prelocate also provides Real Estate for Industrial or Commercial needs and other related services. More »

The start in India is much easier when a nice and comfortable flat or house is awaiting you. Tell us your needs and for sure we find a place you won't hesitate to call «home». More »

Intercultural Training

Immigration Services

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To avoid a culture shock, attend one of the Prelocate intercultural trainings.They are custom made for incoming expatriates from the west as well as for Indians going abroad. More »

If you need a police registration or a visa-extension - we will help you with it. Our expert-knowledge will help you to have a smooth registration without any worries. More »