Company Portrait

Founded in 2008 and settled with it's first base in Pune, Prelocate is an Indian company with its roots in Germany/Europe. Our team comprises of members from Europe as well as India – and that is what gives us an edge over the rest in our business of «International Relocation».

With Experience, Market intelligence and Networking, we have built a large list of client base within a short span of time. We strive to match our clients needs and requirements with promptness, professionalism and personalised attention.

In 2012 Prelocate started Operations in Mumbai with a designated Team. The Prelocate Team has the following skills:

  • Very good knowledge of the cities Pune and Mumbai
  • Experience with people from various cultures
  • Proficient in English, German, Spanish, Hindi and Marathi
  • Liaison with local government authorities

Apart from our office for Pune and Mumbai we share a good network with the other metro and cosmo cities in India, hence, widening our scope of serving you nationally with associates in Kolkata, Gurgaon and Bangalore.

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